10 Things You Only Know If You’re From Massachusetts

200% true! I love this.

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1. How to use the word “wicked.”

This is number one for a reason: it’s the most important. I’ve been told that some people outside of Massachusetts use this word, but it mainly belongs to the good ole massholes. And for those of you who don’t use this word: let me explain. The word “wicked” is an adverb. Not an adjective. You would never say the phrase “this is so wicked,” because that would be using it as an adjective. No — instead, you say “this is wicked awesome,” using it to describe an adjective. And there’s your grammar lesson for the day.

An aside: when you meet someone who asks why you say “wicked” so often, I guarantee you’ll respond with, “I don’t know, but it’s wicked hard to stop.”

2. You know how to pop a U-ey.

Consider this: you’re driving down a main road in your…

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Brand new blog.

I wanted to sign up for my school’s version of HerCampus, which is an online blogging community geared mostly towards college girls. Campuses nationwide have representatives and girls blog about school, dating, friends, clubs – everything college-y! But, sadly, I think our school’s HC fell through, so I’ve decided to start my own.

A little about me….

My name is Katie, I’m an 18 year old first year Computer Science major at UMass Dartmouth, a Massachusetts state school (no, not the really pretty one in the middle of nowhere, the concrete jungle where dreams are made in the southern-Mass middle of nowhere). I’m from Weymouth, a town closer to Boston, so relocating to a place where the nearest city is like what was the next-town-over, or is Providence, RI, has been really weird! I love to dance and made my school’s dance team last week and really want to get involved on campus.

I’m mostly making this blog because – I talk in editorials. Literally, Carrie Bradshaw’s voice is in my head, voice-overing my life as I prance around, and I frequently visualize camera shots of SJP at the desk typing away her most recent piece for her column….is that weird? Basically, I really want to share my thoughts with everyone and I have a Tumblr, but we all know that isn’t the place for it (sorry guys, promise I love you @staff).

Anyways, I need to end this and start “customizing my blog” – and start creating tags and making it my own!

Hope you like it!

Oodles of love,